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"You thought I was dead, didn't you? Now I'm going to think the same about you."
―Oractos talking to Hemedes


Oractos fought in the Core War for the Element Lord of Fire, until he betrayed him and stole an large amount of energized protodermis. He then started his own warband, and tried to get as much energized protodermis as possible. He didn't want to divide the energized protodermis over his warband, so he send them on a mission he was sure of it would kill them. Only one of the rebels, Hemedes, returned, and wanted revenge. After an short, but epic battle, Hemedes tought he killed Oractos by trowing him into an vat of energized protodermis, he survived, but was forever mutated into an four-armed creature. He later hunted down and killed the rebel. After The Shattering, he stranded on Bara Magna, where he continued his hunt for richness. He mainly challenged Glatorian, if they lost, he got everything they had, if he lost, they got everything he had. At some point in his hunt, he callenged Certavus. Against everyone's expectations, Certavus won, and Oractos lost his whole treasure, this so stunned him, that he refused to pay, and vanished into the mountains, never to be seen again.

Weapons and tools[]

Oractos wielded four Venomous Daggers, and a foot mounted Thornax Louncher.


Oractos was an total egoist, and avoided by the other Glatorian out of fear and hate. His whole life, he had and extreme obsession for everything that was expensive. He also was an dirty fighter, one of his favorite battle tactics was to attack an opponent with his daggers, and while the opponent was bussy doging daggers, shoot him from below with the Thornax Louncher on his foot.


  • The Story of Oractos


  • Oractos was designed by Eeneend.
  • He was based on a Samurai.
  • His Venomous Daggers were fused to his hands.
  • He's known to be immune for his own venom.
  • Under the command of The Element Lord of Fire, he taught Malum the arts of fighting.
  • Oractos has won the fourth place in the Shadowmaster MoC Contest.