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"Well, if this is the "incredible" Gresh in action, you shouldn't be Secondary Glatorian of Tesara. You should be a servant boy for some village leader. Insects like you aren't worth my time, or any other self respecting Glatorian's time.

Well, Onda, you snivelling pile of rocksteed droppings, at least a "servant boy" like me can tell when I'm being bated!
―Onda and Gresh

Onda is an evil and treacherous former Water Tribe Glatorian.


Spherus Magna[]

Before the Core War, Onda lived in a small Water Tribe community, next to the Skrall River just to the south of the boundaries of the Black Spike Mountains. He was recruited by the Element Lord of Water shortly after the Core War began. He rose rapidly through the ranks, until, just before the end of the Core War, he was commander of a large Water Tribe fortress on the shores of the Great Sea. He heard that the Sand Tribe were going to attack the fortress and, being a powerful tribe, the Sand Tribe would most likely reduce the fortress to rubble. Leaing his lieutenant, Kiina in charge, he went AWOL, just in time too, as the Sand Tribe reached the fortress the following morning, leaving few survivors, Kiina being one of them. Onda met another survivor, after the Sand Tribe left; an Agori named Avoras. He befriended Avoras, and left, becoming bandits in the Wastelands.


Onda was badly injured during the Shattering, and nearly died. He was, luckily nursed back to health by the unharmed Avoras, who kept him alive because in the Wastelands, Onda's protection would be vital if he was to survive. They survived by mugging Bone Hunters, Glatorian and Skrall.

Global Domination Plans[]

About 10 months ago, Onda began to consider taking control of Bara Magna, after escaping the custody of Tuma. He and Avoras hitched a ride to Tesara from Tarduk. From there, they went to Tajun, where Onda spoke with the village elder, and managed to get two jobs for himself; Arena Vehicle Pilot, and Tertiary Glatorian.