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Olmak Projector
Status In use
User(s) Society of Guardians
Functionality Creates dimensional portals

The Olmak Projector are devices created and utilized by the Society of Guardians.


After the founding of the Society of Guardians and the construction of the Fortress of Ages, Society scientist Mersery was asked by the group's leader, Toa Akatark, to create a means of allowing members to return to the Society's headquarters whenever they needed to, not just when they were summoned. As a result, Mersery began studying the properties of both the Kanohi Olmak and the fortress' own Olmak Generator.

After years of trial and error, Mersery managed to create a portable Olmak Generator, basing its design on the original device's. Upon succeeding, Mersery gave his design plans to Toa Akatark, who in turn gave them to a Vortixx weapons designer on Xia. The weapons maker, himself a Society operative, had many of the Olmak Projectors created and sold them to his superiors who gave the tools to high-ranking members.

The Society's agent on Xia currently continues to produce Olmak Projectors for the group as they are needed.


Powered by a specialized crystal harvested from an unknown source, Olmak Projectors utilize the same energy used by both Kanohi Olmak, Masks of Dimensional Gates, and the Fortress of Ages' Olmak Generator. This energy allows the device to create dimensional portals that are able to transport beings and objects to different locations or dimensions, the destination of the portal being determined by the mind of the device's user.

These gateways stay open as long as the projector is active; though if the device is turned off or destroyed, the portal stays open for about five minutes before closing again.

Though tough and made of Protosteel, the device can sustain damage. When this occurs, the portals that are created often lead to locations and/or dimensions contradictory to the wielder's wishes.

Example Usage[]

Makuta Zomahk of the Melding Universe used his Olmak Projector to transport himself and Toa Leksha from one reality to the next before arriving at their desired location.