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Ojonites' (Ojo is Spanish for "Eye") are a species of intelligent mechanical beings.

5-16-2010 009


The original Ojonites were an experiment of Alistic, Who placed his creations on a remote planet known as Diek. The Ojonites became sentient enough to begin to wonder why it was necessary to remain on Diek, Though they lacked the technology to achieve space traveling vehicles. Over time as their technology grew, They came to forget their promises to achieve space travel and seek their revenge on Alistic. By the time they had achieved space travel they had no ill feelings towards Alistic , For in fact they had actually forgotten the early days of hatred towards him. The Ojonite's lives were very peaceful until at some time they detected a massive asteroid lined up for a crash course with Diek. In panic, The Ojonites Built thousands of spaceships to carry them from Diek before the impact. As the Ojonites rocketed away from the doomed planet the asteroid struck the planet, sending debris flying into space, obliterating more than half of their spacecraft. For hundreds of years the Ojonites drifted through space, Searching for another suitable planet to live on. They found one, Eiseses, But were surprised to find a species already living there, Another of Alistic's "failed" experiments. The Ojonites quickly took action and almost completely wiped out the more primitive species with their far more superior firepower. One of the last surviving members of the native species created a airborne virus that when released, completely decimated the entire population of Ojonites within a time span of two weeks. In an ironic twist of fate, the last remaining Ojonite impregnated a small spacecraft's computer with a highly adaptive program he designed, and launched it into space. The program began transmitting itself, in an attempt to infect the needed hardware with its coding to execute its main programming; avenge the extinction of its master's race, although this was futile, as nothing in the near vicinity picked up on the transmissions. Eventually many years later, an employee of a android construction company received the program, now many years matured, on a company computer. The program took this opportunity and rapidly assimilated with the machinery, building the first Ojonite out of parts on hand.



  • "Ojo" is Spanish for "Eye", Referring to an Ojonite's single eye.
  • "Ojonite", unless noted otherwise, refers to the machines that used the appearance of their master species as their own.