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Off Task is a YouTube comedy series written and animated by AuRon the champion. The series lacks a consistant plot, often just having the characters in single to three episode problems.


Working on series and fighting the bad guys is a lot of work, and even characters and MOCs need a break sometimes! While some are dedicated to work, the others are often off-task, and get into fun and trouble as they enjoy life. Follow these misadventures with care, as the very plot changes between episodes!

Episode List[]

Season One:[]

  1. Quadratic Forumla: Bob forgets the Quadratic Forumla, and gets Malachi's aid to help him past a test, in under ten minutes.
  2. Bender Rays: Agemo is doing evil stuff, and Auron goes to stop him. However, Agemo has a new toy with him, that he made just to defeat Auron!



  • The series originally had a plot, but AuRon scrapped it as he didn't want to have to write another large story arc for this series.
  • The name came from AuRon the champion's teachers, who always complained about him being, "Off-Task".
  • This entire series is Non-Canon, as it often shows other personality traits of those characters.