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Toa Neirae of Stone
Toa Neirae (former)
Elemental Stone powers, enhanced combat abilities
Great Tutozoa (former)
Twin Hammerclubs (former)

Odron was a member of the Toa Neirae who was killed when Abaddon returned to the Matoran Universe.


Early life[]

1000 years before the Great Cataclysm War, Odron was created by Mata Nui as part of the Toa Neirae and appointed as a protector of the Core Processor. Each Toa were given enhanced combat abilities, powerful weapons and masks.

Odron, along with the Toa Neirae, defended the Core Processor from Abaddon and Vicoran. He learned of the Order of Mata Nui's existence when they took Abaddon to imprisonment.

Betrayal by the Brotherhood[]

Odron and the Toa Neirae were tricked into letting the Brotherhood of Makuta enter the Core Processor room. The Toa Neirae fought the Brotherhood of Makuta but were ultimately captured and imprisoned in canisters.

Great Cataclysm War[]

When Mata Nui freed the Toa Neirae, the group joined forces with the reformed Order of Mata Nui and defeated the Brotherhood of Makuta.

After the War[]

During his time guarding the Core Processor, Odron made it a priority to visit Kehidupan and the other towns in Zivot, remembering the names of as many Matoran as he could. In one instance, while visiting Kehidupan, he greeted Boson and Frasair, praising the latter for his generosity.

End of the Neirae[]

Odron and the Toa Neirae attacked Abaddon, cornering the Varim tyrant. Kisa used her mask power to overpower and impale Abaddon. When it was revealed that she attacked an illusion, Kisa froze when she realised that she had killed Odron.

Personality and traits[]

Odron is very ecstatic and enjoys partaking in combat. He often spars with his fellow Toa Neire, improving his abilities and having a large amount of fun. Despite this, Odron is very serious when it comes to defeating enemies, doing so as quickly and easily as possible. Odron is also known to keep his fighting tactics to himself, and not sharing them, even when needed most.

Odron is also known to be loyal, following orders given to him, even if he dislikes them. Odron respects the Order of Mata Nui with great honour and is proud to be a part of them.

Powers and equipment[]

As a Toa of Stone, Odron had near-perfect command over stone. As such, at a basic level, he could create, control, and absorb rocks. Examples of this included creating boulders, starting and stopping rockslides at will, and sensing stress points in stones.

Being created for combat, Odron utilises his own techniques during combat, using his Twin Hammerclubs and elemental attacks combined. He is also able to wield a single one of his Twin Hammerclubs with equal proficiency. Odron wears the Kanohi Tutozoa, the Mask of Duplication. Odron typically uses the mask power when he is fighting multiple foes.