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None, only one created.
The High Order of Shadows
Clawed hand, Energy cannon
Vaku Nui

"Toa... you're so stupid you don't even realise most species in this universe despise you!"
―Obsidious being edgy

Obsidious is a warlord, and a traitor to his creators.


Early Life[]

Obsidious was created at the dawn of the universe. He was to guide the Matoran in their job, and ensure nothing went wrong. He did so for very long time. He grew angry, and struck at one of his masters. Only then did the Great Being realise they overpowered Obsidious. He was crippled and scarred, and his brothers managed to save him. Obsidious was locked away. However, he had changed one Matoran to the side of shadow, and guided him telepathically....

Later Life[]

101 years before the Great Cataclysm, Obsidious had his Shadow Matoran, now a Toa of Shadow, gather together dangerous beings from every corner of the universe. Some petty criminals, others that conquered islands for sport. They managed to free their leader, and served him for the first year.

When the year passed, The High Order of Shadows struck at Vaku Nui, easily conquering it. Obsidious ordered the construction of a mighty fortress, in the centre of the island. He had his loyal Shadow Toa, now called "Shadow" smash the statue of Mata Nui. He also oversaw the contstruction of the great prison.


When Teridax took over, Obsidious had all his forces gather together on Vaku Nui. He made sure that they could not be taken by his forces if they came, and created a mighty illusion that fooled Teridax into thinking that they supported him. He was later given a report of the third chain island by Shadow, pleased with the results.

Abilities and Traits[]

Obsidious controls the element of Shadow, he can manipulate it, absorb it, create it, and cause devastating damge with his power. He has the power to absorb energy from around him, and unleash it in a devastating blast (He can do the same with Shadow). Molecular disruption, which scrambles a being's molecules and turns it into something else.

He is ambitious and manipulative. His rage is something to be feared by every being in existence.

Mask & Tools[]

Using his Energy Cannon affixed to his right arm, he can scramble a beings insides with a strong enough shot. He also posses enormous strength. At some point in history, Obsidous once wore a legendary mask. But his form shifted during his imprisonment and his mask lost.


  • He is the biggest MOC VSF2009 has made so far.
  • His face looks like a Bohrok's because he was supposed to become a "Bohrok King" after he completed his missions. He only transformed partially. 
  • He once had a claw were his Energy Cannon is, he had it removed to boost his own power.
  • He was responsible for genocide, he wiped out a whole Rahi species on one of the chain islands surronding Vaku Nui.