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Ice, lightning
X-ray vision, all powers associated with ice and lightning
Akaku Nuva
Dual ridge blades

Nutak was the Toa of Ice on the Special Forces Toa team.


Nutak was once a builder on the island of Artakha. He joined the Order of Mata Nui and served them for a few years. Nutak was uninformed of the existence of the Special Forces Toa. When the Special Forces arrived at Daxia after the Makuta invasion, Nutak was recommened as a canidate to become a member. He passed the tests and showed exceptional use of weaponry, so he was drafted into the team. When he met Toa Destrik, they were enemies but slowly developed into friends.

One of Nutak's first missions as a Special Forces Toa was to go to Artahka and capture a Dark Hunter spy. He spent a few days searching through many of Artakha until he found the Dark Hunter posing as a trader from the island of Stelt. Nutak attacked the Dark Hunter and fought him in a range of mountains in the northern part of the island. The Dark Hunter was killed after getting his head ripped off. Nutak jokingly kept it as a souvenir when he returned to Daxia.

Currently, Nutak is on a mission on the planet of Odessha with the rest of his team.

The biography section will be updated as the events happen in The Mask of Infinity.

Abilities and Traits[]

Nutak can utilize the power of ice as well as lightning. He is very muscular and uses brute strength to take on his enemies. Since he wears the Akaku Nuva, he has keen x-ray vision and can scan anything he looks at.

Unlike his companion Destrik, Nutak uses humor and sarcasm to lighten up the team. He can make a joke about anything that is troubling him, which results in him having a normally positive attitude. He also loves to use heavy weaponry (especially guns) and has named every weapon he owns.

Nutak rarely becomes angry, but when he does, he will attempt to destroy whatever is making him mad. Usually, these attempts are successful.


Strength: 17
Agility: 7
Toughness: 14
Mind: 7

Mask and Tools[]

Nutak wears a copy of the Akaku Nuva, mask of x-ray vision. His version of the mask was forged in his homeland, Artakha.

His weapons of choice are his two ridge blades, capable of mutilating an enemy in one swoop. Nutak uses a multitude of other heavy weapons on missions, like rocket launchers and heavy cannons.



  • Nutak has an rough, Australian accent.