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Nuhagaa is the most powerful being ever to exist in any galaxy, but is rarely seen. His name comes from ancient Matoran dialect, which roughly translates to Nuihagah in today's Matoran language. His name definetly means "great guardian".


Despite the fact he himself is secretive, his deeds and history are known, the whole universe over. He first came into being 86,009,005 years ago. He spent his first 25 million years in existence planning on making Gatris Nui, the spirit not the island. After that, he spent until 102,000 years ago, he spent in the Land of Oracles disscussing the creation of the BIONICLE universe with the other Great Beings. He never seemed to stop moving during the next 11,000 years, as he was the busiest of the Great Beings, although the others only made animals and living things, Nuhagaa was making every last landmass in existence today. He had a huge role in making Metru Nui, but it has been forgotten what that role was. He created Vortixx, Voporak's kind, Krekka and his kind, Sidorak's kind and Axonn's kind. He has done little but rest since that time. He made the stars show Dume that Mata Nui was dying not just asleep. He has recently left his bastion to bring the village of the rising sun back to the surface of the sea of sorrows to begin to repair parts of the planet just beyond the reach of the staff of Artakha's power. He then took the form of a Turaga of earth, so he didn't reveal he was a Great Being, and evacuated the Matoran of Gatris Nui back to Kintuki Nui.


  • Strength:182


  • Agility:113


  • Toughness:185


  • Mind:248