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Toa of Fire
Mask of Rebounding
Fire Blades

Nugru is a Toa of Fire and former member of the Guard of the Spherus Magna Council.


Nugru, a unique Toa who defied traditional origins, emerged as one of the first Toa without a preceding Matoran form. He briefly served as a member of a Toa team before an unfortunate accident resulted in the loss of his right leg. To compensate for this, Nugru acquired a prosthetic replacement.

Subsequently, Nugru was among the select Toa invited to join the esteemed ranks of the Toa Takiw in Takiw Nui. Despite proving his mettle in rigorous trials, Nugru surprisingly declined the official induction, opting instead for an informal alliance with the Alpha Beings.

For many years, Nugru served as a vital intermediary between the Toa and the Alpha Beings while undertaking the role of a guardian within Takiw Nui.

Following the demise of Makuta Teridax, Nugru migrated to the newly restored Spherus Magna alongside fellow inhabitants of the Matoran Universe, embracing the prospect of a fresh start. Settling within the bustling city of Metru Magna, Nugru joined the esteemed Guard of the Spherus Magna Council, pledging his allegiance to Turaga Tahu, the Council's President.

The Invasion[]

Nugru played a pivotal role in a daring operation to liberate Vavakx, a prominent member of the Spherus Magna Council, who had fallen into the clutches of the Chorak. In a fierce battle waged at the heart of the Council Headquarters in Metru Magna, Nugru and his allies valiantly fought against overwhelming odds. However, the building's self-destruct mechanism was unexpectedly triggered, forcing Nugru and his companions to swiftly evacuate, narrowly escaping the imminent destruction.

Together with the other survivors, Nugru dedicated his efforts to the arduous task of rebuilding the ravaged city of Metru Magna, restoring hope to its beleaguered inhabitants.


Over a millennium later, Nugru found himself embroiled in a new conflict — the Rebellion. A pair of infiltrators from the Bukgu successfully stole the powerful Kanohi Ignika from the heavily guarded Great Depot within the Spherus Magna Council Headquarters. Nugru was present during this heist, but his attempts to apprehend the thieves ultimately proved fruitless.

Prompted by these alarming events, Turaga Tahu and Alpha Being Veuy summoned Nugru to interrogate him regarding the robbery. Suspicion fell on Canrum, the Bukgu leader and Archon of the Xianori kingdom, as a potential key to unraveling the mystery. In a bid to uncover the truth, Tahu, Veuy, and Nugru embarked on a fateful journey to Xianori, accompanied by Isale, the unofficial Bukgu representative on the Council.

Embarking aboard Tahu's personal vessel, the Vakama I, the group devised a strategic plan: Nugru would spearhead the investigation, rendezvousing with a contact from Isale within the Spherus Magna Refuge. Meanwhile, the others would confront Canrum directly. Mere moments before their anticipated landing, Nugru discreetly disembarked from the ship, disappearing from the sight of Xianori and its inhabitants.

Arriving at the Refuge, Nugru rendezvoused with his contact, Deriahk, a Skakdi of great reputation. As events unfolded, Turaga Koved emerged to expose the Refuge's dark underbelly, unmasking the presence of illicit operations within Xianori. Revelations of corruption within the Spherus Magna Council plunged Nugru into a whirlwind of conflicting loyalties. Armed with a crystal containing evidence of the Council's misdeeds, Nugru faced a pivotal choice: whether to expose the truth or conceal it.

Undeterred, Nugru embarked on an investigation into the impoverished districts of Xianori, swiftly unearthing the Bukgu's reverence for Kapokhed — a hero of the Rebellion and an embodiment of humble beginnings. In a moment of unexpected treachery, Nugru found himself paralyzed by Nios, a member of the Rebellion, who subsequently imprisoned him within a Toa Canister, casting him into a remote underwater location far from the reaches of Xianori.

Within his confinement, Nugru found solace in the enigmatic voice of Diguxx, an entity eager to meet him. Guided by Diguxx, Nugru was transported to an underwater prison, engaging in a profound dialogue that exposed the Council's role in igniting the Rebellion. Nugru defended Turaga Tahu, describing him as an honorable leader driven by good intentions. However, Diguxx asserted that the Council's corruption and the Bukgu's suffering were consequences of President Tahu's complacency, his inability to recognize the malevolence festering within their own ranks.

Encouraging Nugru to take decisive action, Diguxx identified Canrum as a tyrant deserving of death. Struggling with his moral compass, Nugru grappled with the weight of his choices. Ultimately, he granted Diguxx's plea for redemption, liberating him from his watery prison. Grateful for the act of mercy, Diguxx harnessed his extraordinary powers, transporting them both to the very heart of the Xianori Magistrate.

Upon their arrival in Xianori, the streets were already marred by the harrowing massacres orchestrated by the Rebellion, targeting the Bukgu elite. Simultaneously, Isale sought to eliminate both Canrum and Tahu utilizing the Kanohi Ignika. Swiftly reacting to the imminent danger, Diguxx expertly harnessed his abilities to contain the mask, enabling Nugru to vanquish Isale.

In a concerted effort to quell the rampant bloodshed in the kingdom, Diguxx transported himself, accompanied by Nugru, Tahu, Veuy, and Canrum, to a strategic location outside the Magistrate. It was there that they encountered Deriahk, who had recently been defeated by the true orchestrator of the Rebellion — Kapokhed.

In a final attempt at reason, Deriahk implored Kapokhed to reconsider his plans and desist from further conflict. Unyielding in his determination, Kapokhed adamantly prepared for battle. Sensing the imminent clash, Diguxx promptly erected a protective barrier to safeguard the leaders, while Nugru confronted Kapokhed in a formidable showdown, but suffered defeat.

With Nugru incapacitated, Kapokhed readied his formidable power of petrification to deliver a fatal blow. Yet, Deriahk's plea for aid resonated with his Chorak allies, who swiftly intervened, effectively curbing the chaos and containing the Rebellion.

Amidst the tumult, the Chorak Queen, Lixis, emerged from the shadows. She passionately implored Kapokhed to abandon his misguided path, highlighting the perilous consequences that awaited the Bukgu — casting them as villains akin to the Chorak. However, before he could yield to his captors, the essence of the Kanohi Gebuk manifested within Kapokhed, threatening Lixis's life. In a courageous act of self-sacrifice, Deriahk interposed himself, absorbing the lethal blow intended for the Queen.

Diguxx and Veuy, drawing upon their exceptional powers, successfully extracted the essence of the Mask of Wishes from Kapokhed, ultimately freeing him from its influence.

In a gracious display of gratitude and acknowledgement, Canrum extended his heartfelt appreciation to all those who had played a vital role in quelling the Rebellion. Declaring them official allies of Xianori, Canrum committed to a reign of more severe vigilance to prevent the resurgence of similar conflicts. Nugru, taken aback by Canrum's statement and disheartened by the Archon's stance, found himself indignant at the apparent disregard for the continued suffering of the Bukgu under Canrum's rule. Fueled by a profound sense of moral indignation, Nugru perpetrated a consequential act, killing Canrum, and subsequently making a swift escape.

The Spherus Magna Council publicly condemned Nugru for the murder of Canrum, branding him as a deranged Toa and an enemy of peace. A substantial reward was offered by the Council for his capture, yet Nugru evaded capture and remained hidden in the shadows.

Abilities and Traits[]

Nugru, once hailed as a paragon of the Toa, epitomized unwavering devotion to justice and the sacred Toa Code. His steadfast adherence to a black-and-white worldview set him apart from more pragmatic heroes who sought nuanced solutions.

However, the cataclysmic events of the Xianori Rebellion profoundly impacted Nugru, shattering his idealistic beliefs. Influenced by Diguxx, he confronted the harsh reality of corruption entrenched within the Spherus Magna Council. This revelation forced Nugru to confront his complicity within a flawed system that perpetuated the suffering of the innocent. The pivotal moment arrived when Turaga Tahu, leader of the Council, opted to abandon Xianori to the clutches of Canrum, a tyrant. Recognizing the futility of such compromises, Nugru made the controversial decision to assassinate the Archon, forever tarnishing his once-illustrious reputation.


As a Toa of Fire, Nugru possesses the inherent ability to generate, manipulate, and absorb fire. Remarkably, his extensive training granted him mastery over the creation of blue fire — a manifestation of intense heat that demands greater elemental energy to wield.

It is widely speculated that Nugru possesses the power of teleportation through fire, although skeptics raise doubts about the authenticity of this ability, questioning if it is merely an illusion cast upon observers.

Mask and Tools[]

Nugru is equipped with a Great Mask of Rebounding. Augmenting his abilities, he employs a specially modified jetpack that harnesses his elemental powers as a propellant, enabling him to fly.

The esteemed Toa wields dual Flame Blades, formidable weapons that enable him to channel and focus his powers. These versatile tools can seamlessly transform into a protective shield or gliders, facilitating aerial maneuvers during flight.