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Nothingness Dimension
Outside and inside reality
Deity of Nothingness, the other Immortal Followers (from time to time)

The Nothingness Dimension is home to the Deity of Nothingness.


The Nothingness Dimension was created billions of years ago by the Deity of Nothingness to live in.

When the War for the Universe occurred, the Deity of Nothingness called the other deities to meet him in the Castle of Nothingness, also located in the dimension. It was there that he decided to send their warriors into the war and that they would participate.

After the war, the Deity founded the Immortal Followers and made the castle their base. However, sometime after, his body was destroyed by his injuries from the war. His mask, which survived, was kept in the castle.

At some point, Baterra that wandered into the desert of Bara Magna found a portal and entered the castle through it. Though numerous entered, they were all destroyed by Shadowhawk. Several soldiers were injured in the process.

During Teridax's reign, some of their members were in the Matoran Universe, others were on Bara Magna, and the rest remained in the Nothingness Dimension.

Soon, Spherus Magna was reformed, and the Immortal Followers set up a new base on the planet, but kept the Castle of Nothingness as their main base.


The Nothingness Dimension is a big, white void. It is nearly void of any life. Inside the dimension, near the center, is the Castle of Nothingness on a floating landmass. The dimension does have oxygen, as members are able to breathe while outside the castle.