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Noka (Fragmented Alternate Universe)
Occupation Teacher
Element Water
Kanohi Kaukau
Status Alive
Location Metru Nui
Pronunciation N/A

Noka is a Ga-Matoran teacher living in Metru Nui in the Fragmented Universe.


Metru Nui

Like most Ga-Matoran, Noka began her life on Spherus Magna and aided in the construction of the Matoran Universe. Once the construction was concluded, she was placed on Metru Nui and became a teacher, teaching others about logic, philosophy and several other subjects.

Just prior to the Great Cataclysm, Makuta Teridax, under the guise of Turaga Dume, ordered all the Matoran on the island into the Coliseum. She was then forced into a Matoran Sphere by the Vahki and entered stasis. She was later rescued by the Toa Metru and brought to Mata Nui and was awoken by them after they gave up their Toa Powers, to open the spheres.

Mata Nui

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Return to Metru Nui

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Abilities and Traits

As a Ga-Matoran, Noka has inactive Water abilities and has a larger lung capacity. She is also good at swimming. Living in Metru Nui, she adopted the normal Ga-Matoran occupation of teaching other Ga-Matoran.

She was also very outgoing and friendly. On Mata Nui, Noka was also a skilled Kolhii player, becoming good friends with everyone playing along with her because of her nature.


Other versions

Toa Noka was a Ga-matoran teacher, After seven years she had a really bad student named Krana Vu. Krana Vu had a sickness from being in shadows for 1000 years. When Noka didn't take Krana Vu, he forced Noka to run away.

Soon, Noka went out of teaching duties and became a Kohlii player. Then she met Hahli and Rahu. Soon Toa Krakan gave away the Toa stones and the Matoran turned into the Toa Team of Artahka.


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