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Brotherhood of Makuta
Elite Rahkshi (honorary member)
Stasis Field
Staff of Stasis Field
Northern Continent
"Nirekx is a most... unique Rahkshi. Unlike the other Rahkshi you've battled, she was taught very well in hand-to-hand combat by one of my own. Let's just say that she is more than capable of defeating a Toa like yourself without even trying. "
―Wrekan [src]

Nirekx is a experienced Rahkshi of Stasis Field, and is an honorary member of the Elite Rahkshi's. She is also one of the only known "Female Rahkshi" in existance.


Nirekx's body was created Makuta Insorz, along with her Kraata.

Her sole purpose of being created is to be Insorz apprentice and servant. Insorz has trained her into becoming on of the most experience hand-to-hand combat Rahkshi in the Brotherhood of Makuta.

After Insorz left for Karda Nui, Rehkzohk instructed her to go to the Northern Continent to assist him and the other Elite Rahkshi in there battle against the Order and Toa. However, as she approached the island, she was instructed by Wrekan to go to the Makuta base and look over the base while Wrekan assist the Elite Rahkshi in there battle against a group of Toa and Order troopers.

She is currently on the Northern Continent, defending the Brotherhood base.

Abilitles and Traits[]

Being a Rahkshi of Stasis Field, she is able to create Stasis Fields to trap and paralyze opponents.

Like Ozehk, she is another type of Rahkshi that has characteristics, such as knowing what to do under her own instincts instead of being order by a Makuta to do certain deeds. She also respects Insorz highly, as she is her "mother" and master.


Nirekx carries the Staff of Stasis Fields, allowing her to focus her power of Stasis Field through it.


"This Rahkshi is starting to get on my nerves. She shouldn't even be here with us! "
"'Now, now Intor. I wouldn't want to underestimate my 'daughter', as she'll be more than satisfied with ripping off your own arm and beating you up with it'. And I'm the one who trained her... don't think it's not possible."
―Intor and Insorz, Quest of Destinies


  • Originally, Nirekx couldn't speak in Matoran (like virtually all Rahkshi, with the exception of Kuzzat), but KylerNuva changed this idea, and allow Nirekx to speak similar as to how Kuzzat communicates.