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Nilias is a female member of the Iron Tribe from a parallel universe.


In the Shifting of the Sands Universe, male and female Glatorian of each tribe existed on Spherus Magna, due to radiation emanating from the core of the sun.

The radiation levels increased dramatically and the molecular composition of Bara Magna's sand was altered, rearranging its molecules to fill the entire desert with billions of cooperative silicon-based life forms, which attempted to seize the planet for itself. It began to attack the Glatorian and Agori, who were forced to take refuge in the coldest places of Spherus Magna, where the sand rarely reached. However, the radiation generated heat that caused the melting of colder areas.

Nilias and the other Glatorian were rescued by the Unidentified Great Being from another universe, who took them to his planet of Noctxia Magna before Spherus Magna, which had been consumed completely by the self-replicating sand, turned into glass due to the rising heat levels. Disliking the climate of the new planet, Nilias voluntarily relocated to Bara Magna, and discovered that she had feelings for the new universe's Telluris.

She ended up joining a clan of Bone Hunters, which she eventually grew to lead. She participated in the infection and annihilation of the Baterra species. Upon discovering Xev's disappearance, she forced Fero to search for him, as he had known about Xev's escape plan beforehand.

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She is currently hunting Nightwatcher to avenge his killing of Telluris.

Abilities and Traits[]

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  • In her home universe, the Iron Tribe was never hit by a plague.