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"This accursed's known as the Nightmare Realm, right? A place where fears are born. And where they exist."
―Metrados while in the Nightmare Realm.
Nightmare Realm
None, it only exists in the mind

The Nightmare Realm is a dimension of torture and agony only accessible through a Kanohi Fexan.

The realm itself is a zone where anything can happen. Beings here have their worst fears come to life, and they have to face them. Time here is also distorted, so two weeks here can be one second in reality. More than one person can be sent to the Nightmare Realm at a time, but it uses more power. It is impossible to leave the Nightmare Zone until a Fexan-user demands it or a certain time is past.

The location was first created when the first Kanohi Fexan was created. He didn't know it at first, but Shadowhawk, original creator of the mask, realized it when used the mask one day on a Makuta and somehow found out that he could teleport people inside the zone. Afterward, he realized he teleported them inside the Makuta's mind, and the actual Makuta had died of fear.

Once beings were able to forge the mask, the zone became accessible to many others.


  • A Kanohi Olmak cannot enter the Nightmare Realm, since it only exists in one's mind.
  • The Time distort can be longer (two months in Nightmare Realm could equal one second in reality).
  • The location was thought of while writing the Fexan article.