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Nicturn was a mutated energy hound and a former servant of the Makuta.



Nicturn is a mutated energy hound who was exposed to energized protodermis a long time ago and gained the power of shadow. He later became a powerful member of the Brotherhood of Makuta who helped Teridax overthrow Miserex. Nicturn is very odd in the fact that he fears nothing not even Takanuva. Nicturn is now part of the Shadow Force.

Broken Order Universe[]

Nicturn was an Energy Hound until he was mutated by energized protodermis by the Makuta of Zarnor. Unlike in the Prime Reality, Nicturn gained no powers and learned to compensate with strength and intelligence.

Following the rise of the League of Six Kingdoms, Nicturn was given a minor position of command among the Visorak forces. During the Makuta and Kritor war on the League, Nicturn showed some talent and advanced slowly through the Visorak ranks, although he never held positions of significant authority. Nonetheless, it would give him good experience leading Rahi legions, something that would cause the Makuta to set him in charge of the Rahi-handlers after the war.

Nicturn later fought in the Kritor/Makuta War on the side of the Makuta. While he did often fight, he was primarily stationed on Destral. Nicturn did lead a battalion of experimental Rahi on Nynrah.

After the defeat of the Makuta, Nicturn went solo and eventually found himself on Keetongu Island not long after the rise of Sheriem to power over the Archcomin Following. Sheriem took on Nicturn in his elite command service. Prior to the war, he was usually assigned to coordinate the actions of the Skakdi and Barraki species, as well as former members of the Makuta League and Kritor Empire who wished to join the Secret Empire. When the Secret Empire declared war on the Alignment, Sheriem recognized his knack for handling Rahi, and he set him in command all Rahi divisions.

Abilities and Traits[]

Bionicle's 167

Nicturn with shield raised.

Nicturn despises authority except when it is Teridax. He also has a deep hatred of Matoran and Toa, but no one knows why. Nicturn has a shield and a protosteel sword. In the Prime Reality, Nicturn can become pure shadow and can track down any prey on any particle; however, the Nicturn of the Broken Order Universe does not share that capability.