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Jerbraz, and Niaxon were standing together. Things had gone down hill in the Matoran Universe, with Jerbraz being no longer in his invisible form, and Teridax was currently commanding Matoran to work for the Brotherhood of Makuta, along with the help of a brainwashed Miserix.

"Look!" Jerbraz cried. "It's a Makoki Stone!!! But it doesn't look like the usual stone... Maybe I should check it out." With a swing of his no longer Invisible Sword, he ran towards the rock. Niaxon, the Toa of Plantlife, hesitated before doing so.

Just as Jerbraz was about to reach out to grab the stone, a force field appeared around it, electricuting him and sending him sprawling to the ground. "Jerbraz!!!!" Niaxon shouted. "Are you okay?!! Speak to me!!" No answer.

Niaxon called for help, for hours and hours, but no Matoran or Toa heroes came to save him. After a while, he got rather angry and started to shout. Millions of Matoran came, but none were doctors.

Niaxon called for Krakua, an Order of Mata Nui member, to see if with his Sonic Viabration Sword, he could wake Jerbraz up, with ultra sonic sound waves. Eventually, Krakua came, and the clever plan worked.

"We need to infiltrate wherever the Makuta are hiding," Krakua said, in a most rather strange voice. "They'll probably by staying under the Toa Hagah's base, where all ten of them used to live."

"But how are we going to get to Stelt?" Niaxon asked the others.

"You'll see..." Krakua replied.

To be continued...In Niaxon Tales 2.