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New Takiw Nui
City (Emirate)
Spherus Magna (Aqua Magna region)
Alpha Beings
TA-kiu Noo-ee

The Emirate of the New Takiw Nui (or simply known as New Takiw Nui) is an underwater city and the official nation of the Alpha Beings in Spherus Magna.


After the fall of Teridax, the Alpha Beings undertook the task of evacuating the population of Takiw Nui and preserving its valuable artifacts. Following the orders of Vavakx, they discovered the ruins of Mahri Nui in Aqua Magna and reconstructed the city. They incorporated many of the original domes from the Matoran Universe into the new layout, ensuring the artifacts would remain hidden and protected.

With the city operational once again, the Alpha Beings officially established their presence there, designating it as the New Takiw Nui. The city became a sanctuary for the inhabitants of Takiw Nui, providing a new home for them and preserving their cultural heritage.

During the Chorak Invasion, the New Takiw Nui remained unaffected, thanks to its strategic location and the Alpha Beings' efforts to defend the city. It served as a safe haven amidst the turmoil.



New Takiw Nui hallway.

The New Takiw Nui, constructed from the remnants of Mahri Nui and repurposed domes from the Matoran Universe, stands as a magnificent underwater city. Its structure consists of a series of watertight buildings interconnected by walkways and tunnels. Powerful barriers surround the buildings, providing additional protection against flooding and preventing teleportation into or out of the city. These barriers also dampen telepathic communications, ensuring the city's privacy.

Designed to be self-sufficient, the New Takiw Nui boasts systems for food production and harnesses the energy from submarine volcanoes to provide geothermal power. The city offers a wide range of amenities, including parks, recreation areas, and shops, catering to the needs and entertainment of its inhabitants and visitors. The Research Zoo is a notable attraction within the city, where various Rahi creatures can be observed and studied.

As a popular tourist destination, access to the New Takiw Nui is primarily limited to submersible transportation, with only a select number of ports around the planet offering ferry services. To gain entry into the city, new visitors must acquire the equivalent of a visa from the New Takiw Nui Embassy located in Metru Magna, ensuring regulated and controlled admission.

New Takiw Nui Temple[]

The New Takiw Nui Temple serves as the central hub and headquarters of the Alpha Beings, the ruling authority of the city. It is a grand structure that also accommodates the city's major bureaucratic facilities. Within the Temple, residents can immerse themselves in the rich history of the Alpha Beings through statues and tapestries that depict their past.

At the heart of the Temple lies the Emir's office, a place of great importance and power. It is from this office that the Emir, the leader of the Alpha Beings, governs and oversees the affairs of the city. The Emir's decisions and directives shape the destiny of New Takiw Nui, and their office serves as a symbol of leadership and authority.

Research Zoo[]

The Research Zoo in New Takiw Nui serves as a captivating facility where various species of Rahi and Spherus Magna creatures are showcased. It is managed predominantly by Ga-Matoran and Onu-Matoran ex-archivists, who engage in the study and observation of these specimens. The Research Zoo has become a popular tourist attraction, drawing visitors from near and far who are eager to witness the diverse array of creatures on display.

Spherus Magna Vault[]

Deep within the confines of the Research Zoo lies a hidden gem known as the Spherus Magna Vault. This expansive underground complex is specifically designed to safeguard and preserve a wide range of flora and fauna from all across the planet. The Spherus Magna Vault functions as a haven for these specimens, providing self-sustaining ecosystems that mimic their natural habitats.

The creation of the Spherus Magna Vault demonstrates a proactive effort to protect and conserve the biodiversity of Spherus Magna. By safeguarding various species within this secure and controlled environment, the vault serves as a crucial contingency plan, ensuring that the planet's diverse ecosystem remains intact even in the face of potential planetary crises.


Alpha Beings[]

The Alpha Beings deal with political and administrative affairs within the New Takiw Nui.

The Emir of the Alpha Beings is recognized as the official ruler of the New Takiw Nui, and they hold absolute power. After Vavakx's death, Veuy assumed leadership of the species but decided to have his second-in-command, the Vizier Rakaralu, take over most of his duties as ruler of the city.


Several Matoran species live in Takiw Nui.


  • The Toa Takiw have their base of operations in the New Takiw Nui and they serve as order enforcers.


There are several species of marine Rahi in the vicinity of the New Takiw Nui and the Research Zoo.

Ex-Convicts of The Pit[]

Some ex-convicts of the Pit were able to settle within the city to evade capture.