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New Krano Nui
Function Base for the Water Council
Status Active
Location Irania Nui
Pronunciation N/A

New Krano Nui, initially known as Project 38v, is a floating city founded by Toa Covoc, and ruled by him and Morotok. It is the base for the Water Council.



New Krano Nui was built thousands upon thousands of years ago on the world of Rimus Magna by some unknown beings for an equally mysterious purpose. At the time, it was merely known as Project 38v.

Water Council[]

Morotok found Project 38v a mere hundred years prior to the reformation of Spherus Magna when exploring a deserted area of Rimus Magna. It was another fifty years before the Water Council put it into use, and even then it was only referred to as The Homeland.

Some time later, the Toa Krano went to Isakrah search of their old comrades, who had been captured by the Sygran around fifty years previous. Upon defeating him, they were rescued from the island by the Water Council, who decided to name the island New Krano Nui in honour of the Toa Krano.


New Krano Nui is both a Matoran settlement and the Water Council's primary base. Though there are many types of Matoran, there are three districts - Psy-Koro, Bo-Koro and Ta-Koro - and each one is also the residence of many Water Council members.


Each district also has a purpose in the day-to-day running of the Water Council:

  • Ta-Koro: The Fire district, and also the armoury and training facilities for the Water Council.
  • Psy-Koro: The Psychometrics district. The central digital hub of the Water Council, and the archive for any data they collect.
  • Bo-Koro: The Green district. It is here that the ship's air supply is recycled and regulated.

The Toa dwell in the Ga-Suva, which is facility at the prow of the ship where all their masks and Toa tools can be stored. It is also a shrine, and was here that Morotok spent his last days making peace with his primary element of water.


  • New Krano Nui is based on Cloud City from Star Wars.