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New Imperial Brotherhood of the Makuta
Karda Nui and Destral
Defunct as of 212 ASGC
Energizied Protodermis, Visorak, Rahkshi, Exo-Toa, Savrahk
Order of Mata Nui, Dark Hunters, Toa Steltia, the Great Spirit of Mata Nui

The New Imperial Brotherhood of the Makuta was a malicious organization which arose after the return of Teridax in 4,542,092,667,785,917 AGC, or 0 ASGC. The Imperial Brotherhood was a more powerful and militarized successor to the original Brotherhood of Makuta. It also functions as a government of sorts for the lands it conquers, an absolute monarchy headed by Teridax. Unlike the orginal Brotherhood, which consisted of a hundred Makuta, the Imperial Brotherhood consisted of hundreds of millions of Makuta, who were split into several castes. The highest caste, the "Emperor", consisted of only Teridax, who possessed almost god-like powers after building them up during his imprisonment. The "High Makuta" consisted of 49 of the 100 original Makuta (excluding Miserix and his supporters, Tridax, and Teridax), who possessed all of their previous abilities. The "Governors" and "Generals" were powerful new Makuta who possessed Shadow, Fire, Water, Ice, Air, Stone, and Earth powers. Warriors were the most common and numerous caste, who had only Shadow powers.