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This article is about the former Dark Hunter. You may be looking for the Av-Matoran.
Weak electricity
Shard claws, laser eye

Nekka was a Dark Hunter, who joined Alex at some point. He often worked with his partner, Kidhiki. Nekka was killed by Toa Aino during The Battle of Inwirn's Second Base.

His soul was later sent to Havatra Nui, the Bionicle Underworld.


In his early days, Nekka worked as soldier in the Monster Army. Shortly after the battle with Matoran Hordika's Army, Nekka, along with Kidhiki and some other monster warriors left the army. He parted with Kidhiki, the two worked together on random missions, which they were paid for. Later they joined the Dark Hunters.

In the beginning of Alliance of the Enemies, Alex made an order for the Shadowed One, leader of the Dark Hunters. He wanted two powerful Dark Hunters to help him. Shadowed One sent Nekka and Kidhiki, who started helping Alex. They were assigned to stop Henkka, Tapio, Aino, Iruini, Pewka, and later Matoran Hordika from coming to his fortress. But even though the Dark Hunters were powerful, they didn't succeed. While Kidhiki was killed by Aino earlier, Nekka even got fused to Ketawnki. After the defusion, Nekka was more powerful and escaped with Inwirn, Juho and Dumpa. Nekka worked for Inwirn then, but was later killed by Aino too.

His spirit was later sent to the Bionicle underworld, were he was forced to work as a slave forever.

Abilities and Traits[]

Nekka was very smart and didn't count only on his strength. Nekka always thought carefully, before rushing into action. He had great physical strength and some weak electricity powers.


Nekka had some sharp swords with laser powers. He also had an laser eye.

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