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Nega Force
Nega Force Information
Species AffliationCybernetic monkeys, Makuta
AlliesGlatorians, Agori
EnemiesIcarax, Hyper Force, Skrall
HomelandAtero, Bara Magna
GoalProtect Bara Magna from anything who would dare threaten it

The Nega Force is an organization that protects Bara Magna from any and all danger. Most of the members are former members of the Brotherhood of Makuta.


After the Great Spirit Mata Nui was awakened, an energy storm hit Karda Nui and killed everything in it. The Toa Nuva managed to escape, but the Makuta were told to have perished. What really happened was that all the Makuta & robot monkeys (excluding Mutran) escaped by using Durahx's black chaos emerald and the other seven chaos emeralds. Using their powers, Durahx turned into Super Durahx and managed to help the others escaped and surprisingly arrived in Bara Magna. They set up base in the city of Atero and shockingly found Krika, who was thought to have died. They now protect Bara Magna from any invaders and help keep the peace of the planet.


Current Members[]

Former Members[]

Honorary Members[]

  • Jetstorm
  • Jetfire
  • Safeguard (Combined form of Jetfire and Jetstorm)
  • Blurr


  • Cyber Tahu

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