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"There is nowhere you can hid, you have become my prey."-Ned looking down on the matoran he was sent after.


Ned is the most feared mutated matoran on Terith Ruw.


Before Vayk[]

Before Vayk poison mutated him, he was Makarray's best friend. During an accident Ned lost his right arm. Thankfully, he was/is good at making things; so he made himself an robotic arm, and added a few features to it. That included a blaster that could open and be a short sword.

Vayk comes[]

Ned was helping with a broken down hut when the betrayal went into action. And without warning, he and the other builders he was helping, were captured by Glea. And after the battle Rack choose him to be the first victim of Vayk poison. Then, Ned became one with Vayk.


When Ned was released from training, his first mission was to find and take out Eltru. And he almost succeeded, but Makarray brought the ceiling down cutting them off. After that, Ned wanted a second chance to kill her, but Rack instead sent him after matoran that were disobeying orders. And those missions ended with, complete. Now that Sala and the others are attacking Felnas, he has been sent to finish his only failure.

See Freedom.


Ned gun arm has a sword, gun, and spikes. On/in the other hand is a shield and spikes on the arm. Ned gun has two modes, blaster and rockets. The rockets are deadly by themselves, but they're not by themselves. On Ned's arms are laser tracking devices that will lock-on to a target. Then Ned can shoot a rocket (or more then one) and that rocket(s) will track it's victim down. His gun arm also has a rope that he can fire at a object and it will stick to it and either he will go to it or it will go to him (if it was small).

Bionicle's 035

Ned with sword


Ned was kind, friendly and talkative. Now with Vayk in him, he will do anything Rack tells him to do.


Ned is very skilled at hand-to-hand combat and long range shooting. His robotic arm can go in all angels, in other words, he can stab beings that are on his back.


  • Ned will fight Sala.
  • Ned will meet Shadow.
  • Ned will lose Vayk and become himself again.