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"The Necronites of Nocterra, are a savage and brutal race, known across the universe for their ruthlessness and brutal traits. Despite this, they are a highly advanced race, and are talented inventors to the point that they could be considered the equals of the mysterious Nynrah Ghosts. Whilst not the most trustworthy species, the Necronites are powerful and persistent warriors, and whoever is capable of gaining their allegiance may well have an advantage in any war or conflict."
―Toa Helryx, World
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Massive Strength, Energy Blasts

Necronites are a savage race from the island of Nocterra.


Created by Mata Nui, The Necronites, along with the Intellians, settled on the isle of Nocterra, eventually becoming the island's main inhabitants. The Necronites became weapon smiths and engineers, creating and selling machinery of various kinds to Xia and the Brotherhood of Makuta.

During the reign of the Barraki and the League of Six Kingdoms, the Necronites was one of the many races under the rule of the warlord known as Mantax. Though the Nocterrians served Mantax's will by supplying weapons and soldiers, the Necronites weren't the most cooperative of his subjects, and were among the first to break free of Mantax's rule after the warlord and his allies were defeated.

At some unknown point in time, the Necronites declared war on the Saursapiens of Archosa, the result of disagreement about the prices Archosa demanded for the tools they made. After three years of war, the two islands were calmed by the Brotherhood of Makuta and made an uneasy truce.

Appearance, Abilities, & Traits[]

Necronites are among the largest of the sapient species of the Matoran Universe, with males usually standing between eleven and twelve feet tall; females are slightly smaller. They possess large heads equipped with horns and huge jaws with equally large teeth. They also have razor sharp claws, and large blade-like wings.

Necronites are usually a nocturnal species. Because their eyesight is relatively weak in bright light, they spend most of their day in their dwellings, coming out at just after nightfall.

Necronites are enormously powerful beings, possessing strength surpassing that of a Makuta. They can fire powerful energy blasts from their eyes and hands, as well as see in the dark. They are expert fliers, and possess keen senses of hearing and smell.

Social Structure and Interactions[]

The Necronites are a very brutal race, though despite this, they are also brilliant inventors, rivaling even the Nyrah Ghosts in their creativity. They are skilled warriors, and many of them are accomplished swordsmen, duelists, and bounty hunters. Several of them have also become poachers, and are responsible for the gradual disappearance of several breeds of Rahi on Nocterra.

Known Necronites[]


  • Necronite is derived from the word necro, which means death.