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Ivel's Group

Naved is a Su-Matoran who was sent to the realm of Karzahni.


Early Life[]

Naved, like all Matoran, was created by the Great Beings to inhabit the Matoran Universe. Currently, his home island is unknown. At some point, for some reason, he was sent to the realm of Karzahni.


Story: The Odyssey of Rannok
"Naved grinned then made a mock laugh that was supposed to be funny. He said nothing else."
―Narration, The Odyssey of Rannok

While being rebuilt by the island's ruler, his photoreceptors failed and had to be removed. He was given a specialized Kanohi that had no openings for his eyes. He later escaped the ruler's control and joined Ivel's group of Matoran working against Karzahni. Axiz and Syrke may have already joined the group before Naved, but it is unknown who joined when.

The Matoran of Rubber Rannok later joined the group, and the five would enact a plan to escape the island. After successfully escaping and burning much of the island to the ground, however, Naved was taken by the five Matoran guards. He remained missing for ten years, before regrouping with Rannok in an unknown location after acquiring new photoreceptors. His whereabouts after this are unknown.

Abilties and Traits[]

"Lazy, friendly, funny, and won't kill you. Naved is an extraordinarily friendly Matoran, and will only kill or harm those he believes should die. Not a lot of beings fit into that category. Unlike most Matoran of Plasma, Naved was very fond of jokes. As such he was almost never serious, not even in danger."
Jefforyduck's official description of Naved

Being a Su-Matoran, Naved only holds a minuscule amount of Elemental Plasma energy, enough that he is resistant to extreme heat. While being rebuilt by Karzahni, Naved's photoreceptors failed and were removed, and he was rendered blind. Later, by the time of his regrouping with Rannok, he had fixed his vision.

Mask and Tools[]

Naved originally wore an unknown Kanohi mask, before Karzahni replaced it with a mask with no eyeholes while rebuilding the Su-Matoran. His choice of tool is a simple scythe.




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