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"Some control plantlife, others weather. I control both, and with absolute control."
―A Toa of Nature

Nature is a fusion of plantlife and weather. It was later considered as a real element.


  • A Toa of Nature is able to control plantlife and weather around them, and they are able to control it better than others.
  • A Toa of Nature is able to create plants naturally, by using their powers of the weather to control rain, and powers of plantlife to create seed. In this way, plants will be more durable than the immediately created plants which usually die after a day or two.
  • A Toa of Nature can lift themselves up with gusts of wind around them. They can also create storms, rain, and thunderstorms. The fusions of two elemental powers, such as Air and Lightning, require more power than normal plantlife or weather.
  • A Toa of Nature can create every kind of plants they wish. They can, for example, create the Poisson-Thorn, a plant with poisonous venom in its thorns.
  • A Toa of Nature can create plants or clouds around their weapons and body to protect themselves.


  • A Toa of Nature can make it rain fireballs if a Toa of Fire increases the temperature in the air to above 100 degrees celcius.
  • A Toa of Nature can make it snow or rain ice if a Toa of Ice decreases the temperature in the air to below 0 degrees celicis.


  • Beings of Nature are commonly thought to be beings of The Green, because of the similar colouring.
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