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Tetra Nui

Naria is a Trophy Slave belonging to Cyst in Tetra Nui.


Life Before Escape[]

Orginally born for Cyst to keep as a trophy of his influence and power, Naria has known nothing but living as a trophy for the Vortixx Cyst. Not much besides this can be said.

Escape from Cyst[]

Eventally, Naria became bored living in Cyst's penthouse, doing nothing except for following his orders and looking pretty for his guests. She then figured a way out, and was on the run from the Security forces, until she was jumped by a group of political thugs who wished to destroy the Xian Collective. She was drugged and secured in a crate and brought to a warehouse to await pickup by a Matoran who would transport her to his superiours. At the warehouse, during the transaction, the Security team there lead by Auron attacked, and stunned almost all of the culprits and secured the crate she was in. After cracking the encryption codes on the crate, they opened it and found Naria, drugged inside.

Alternate Versions[]


In the Chalkaverse-1, Naria was created as an experiment by the Great Being Vasyl after the Great Beings had fled from the shattered Spherus Magna. Born by combining the genetic data of a Toa and a Magnian, Naria was the result of a numbers of experiments, and was the only successful specimen. Though Vasyl continued his experiments for a few weeks afterwards, the results were often grotesque, and his fellow Great Beings requested that he stop. Vasyl continued to raise Naria, who became his assistant once she was old enough. She was later given eternal life, like Vasyl and the other Great Beings.

Abilities, Tools, and Traits[]

Abilities and Powers[]

Naria is able to create, control, and absorb Water.

Tools and Equipment[]

Due to spending her life as a slave, Naria has no possessions of her own.

Traits and Personality[]

Naria is cynical and pessimistic, but this is just a shell. She's actually really bright and positive, when she's not in chains.



  • Her chest piece is inspired by DAWNOFNSSD.
  • Her name comes from Oblivion26 when AuRon was just about to ask for name suggestions and he wrote "to naria?"
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