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Nalu Hawk
Nalu Hawk
Beak, talons
In existence
nar-LOO hork

Nalu Hawks are bird-like Rahi residing in the Matoran Universe. They have only been found in Furro, though there is speculation of individuals residing elsewhere.


Nalu Hawks are flight-less bird-like Rahi. Through study of anatomy, Nalu Hawks have been found to posses bio-mechanical cells that can adapt to cater for lesser or greater food sources, and a totally different habitat altogether.

Some individuals have been seen hunting small rat-like Rahi, using their extraordinary vision. They have been dubbed 'hawks' for seeing and capturing Rahi invisible at a large distance to most other predator Rahi.


Nalu Hawks are often found in flocks, consisting of around thirty individuals. Each individual has a unique place among the flock, such as alpha male, or head scout, etc.

Despite forming flocks, Nalu Hawks are extremely territorial. There have been reports of Nalu Hawks attacking Matoran who dared to get too close to a scouting group.


Nalu Hawks have only been found in Furro. Nalu was the first Matoran to encounter these Rahi, and thus, the species was named after him. They were dubber 'hawks' because of their keen-eyed hunting skills.

However, there is speculation as to Furro being the Rahis' only habitat, as Nalu and other Matoran historians have traveled to Furro, but have knowledge on these Rahi.


  • They are made from the set 8930 Dekar.