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Toa Mangai
Control of Water, Storms, and Tides
Great Barrier

Naho was a Ga-Matoran who later became a Toa Mangai of Water.


Early Life[]

While details of Naho's life in the time after the Great Spirit Robot's completion remain unclear, it is known that she lived amongst a community of Matoran for the majority of her life, finding work and proving especially talented in her trade.

Toa Mangai[]

Some time after becoming a Toa of Water, Naho was among the eleven Toa who answered the call to Metru Nui to combat the Kanohi Dragon. After a lengthy battle, the Toa emerged victorious and restrained the Rahi, thanks in no small part to the efforts of four Toa of Ice. Valtruu chose to stay on Metru Nui in an amalgamated team, which was comprised of Lhikan, Nidhiki, Tuyet, Valtruu, Marn, Motara, Tiro, Nordva, and Fuugol, charging themselves with defending the island in the absence of an existing Toa Team. Naho and her teammates were thus honored with the title of Toa Mangai.

Around 3,500 years ago, in a period of Metru Nui's history where most of the Toa Mangai were taking part in missions outside the island's dome, Lhikan, Tuyet and Nidhiki were charged with defending the island alone while Naho was deployed on a diplomatic assignment on the Northern Continent. Growing increasingly paranoid in the absence of her teammates, Tuyet eventually caught word that a group of Dark Hunters had ransacked her former village in search of the Nui Stone, a powerful artifact that she had brought with her to Metru Nui. Convinced that the Dark Hunters would eventually make their way to Metru Nui and reclaim the Nui Stone from her, Tuyet set about a complex scheme to ensure her safety, murdering three Matoran in order to frame the Dark Hunters and compel Lhikan and Nidhiki to defeat them. With Lhikan growing wise to her deception, however, Tuyet was forced to reveal her possession of the Nui Stone and engaged her fellow Toa in combat, overwhelming the Toa of Fire with her sheer Elemental Powers. Unable to kill the leader of the Toa Mangai while empowered by the Nui Stone, however, the intervention of Nidhiki ensured Tuyet's downfall, notably resulting in the Nui Stone being shattered into shards and embedded in the Toa of Water's armor. Detained and imprisoned within the Coliseum, Tuyet would reside within a cell for several hours whilst Lhikan debated with Turaga Dume over her ultimate fate. During this time, however, the Order of Mata Nui grew privy to Tuyet's destructive potential and saw fit to study the Nui Stone fragments, dispatching Botar to abduct her overnight.

Toa/Dark Hunter War[]

After nearly three centuries of brewing tensions, the Toa/Dark Hunter War finally erupted, prompting a full-scale Dark Hunter invasion of Metru Nui. With her fellow Toa Mangai captured and with the Dark Hunters poised to take over Metru Nui, however, Toa Naho was able to break free of captivity and slip into the Silver Sea, notably leading a group of Dark Hunters into a waterway infested with Sea Spiders in the process and allowing the Rahi to dispatch several of the mercenaries.

Escaping the Metru Nui dome, Naho was able to reach the island that had originally been inhabited by Toa Lesovikk, which had since been repopulated, entreating the local Turaga for aid repelling the Dark Hunters. With the Turaga proving hesitant to involve himself in the affairs of Metru Nui, Naho ultimately persuaded him to directly confront the island's grim past, ensuring that one hundred Toa would be sent to join the war effort and repel the Dark Hunters from Metru Nui's shores.

BTD27 Naho vs Lurker

Naho battling "Lurker" during the Toa/Dark Hunter War.

Returning through the Sea Gates, Naho led the legion of Toa in an open attack against the invading Dark Hunters, orchestrating the release of the Toa Mangai and shifting the conflict in favor of the Toa. Under Lhikan's leadership, the Toa Mangai devised offensive strategies to repel the various Dark Hunter attacks, notably driving "Tyrant" into the Silver Sea and defeating "Vengeance". During this time, Naho endeavored to defend the Matoran of Metru Nui from the conflict, notably repelling "Conjurer" from Le-Metru and rescuing a number of Ko-Matoran seers from a collapsing Knowledge Tower, including Nuju.

However, swayed by the temptations of a Dark Hunter known as Lariska, Toa Nidhiki come to betray his fellow Toa, orchestrating a Dark Hunter ambush around Lhikan's command squadron in the Canyon of Unending Whispers. However, having tailed Nidhiki the previous night, Lhikan had grown privy to the deception and made preparations for Toa reserves to make landfall in Metru Nui that morning, flanking the Dark Hunters and ambushing them once Nidhiki revealed his true intentions. With Lariska vocalizing the Dark Hunter surrender, the Toa Mangai allowed the Dark Hunters to leave unharmed in return for the Makoki Stone, along with the added conditions that the Dark Hunters never return, and that they would take the traitor Nidhiki away with them. Present for the humiliating defeat of the Dark Hunters, Naho and her teammates witnessed the exile of Nidhiki from their vantage point in the Canyon of Unending Whispers.

Shortly before the acceleration of the Brotherhood of Makuta's Grand Plan, Naho was known to have entrusted Turaga Dume with three Toa Stones, relying upon the Turaga's knowledge of Metru Nui's inhabitants to select a new generation of Toa. However, shortly after this, Makuta Teridax imprisoned the Turaga and assumed his identity. Perplexed by the Turaga's apparent ignorance, Naho became suspicious of the false Turaga in her final days.


Over the course of the following century, the Brotherhood of Makuta's unsavory agenda became clearer to the broader citizenry of the Matoran Universe. With the total Toa population beginning to see drastic decreases in size and with Mata Nui now distinctly absent, Makuta Teridax enacted the first phase of his Grand Plan, capturing Turaga Dume, placing him in a Matoran Pod, and assuming his form. Fearful that the Toa Mangai and their Chronicler companion would be his unraveling much in the same way as the escape of his Toa Hagah team had proved an eternal thorn in his side, Teridax chose to accelerate his agenda by terminating the local Toa. With Nidhiki now mutated into a larger, arachnid form and begrudgingly serving as a member of the Dark Hunters, Teridax entreated The Shadowed One for Dark Hunter assistance in an operation on Metru Nui. Dispatched alongside Krekka and "Eliminator", Nidhiki ensured that the Toa Mangai remained separated and gathered intelligence on the Great Kanoka Disks.

Naho's ultimate fate is unknown.


Years after Naho vanished, Turaga Dume would lament her abscence. In secret, he often told himself that Naho had seen through Teridax's disguise and remains true to his word, intent upon one day distributing her Toa Stones.

Abilities and Traits[]

Prior to becoming a Toa, Naho was unable to fully access her powers. Instead, she possessed an increased lung capacity.

As a Toa of Water, Naho had near-perfect control over water. As such, at a basic level, she could create, control, and absorb water and moisture. Examples of this included manipulating water at will, creating and stopping floods and currents, and extracting moisture from the atmosphere.

Mask and Tools[]

Naho's mask and Toa tool were both unknown.


Picture Form
BTD27 Toa Naho 01
Toa Naho as designed by BobTheDoctor27, wearing a Great Huna.
An alternate Toa Naho as drawn by BionicleChicken, wearing a Huna.
LotP Naho
Toa Naho as designed by Vorred in 2010.
Ruru 1
Toa Naho as designed by Ihu for BIONICLE Generations.


  • Naho's name was suggested to Greg Farshtey by a Biosector1 user.
  • A poll was held to determine Naho's Kanohi in 2014, though the results of this poll were never officially canonized. The winning result of this poll would have been a Kanohi Huna.