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Nacrax is a mutated Vorox and one of the most dangerous Vorox on all of Bara Magna, and is therefore considered the "King of the Vorox." He leads an army of loyal Vorox.


Nacrax began his life on Spherus Magna as a Glatorian of Sand, having been created by the Great Beings. Over time, he turned into what is now known as a Vorox.

Nacrax was originally an ordinary Vorox, wondering the desert of Bara Magna. However, one day, for causes unknown, he gained four arms and a titan size body.

Enraged with his new appearance, he killed virtually all of the Vorox in his pack. However, when he realized that none of the Vorox were able to kill him, he quickly realized that he was no ordinary Vorox; he declared himself as "The King of the Vorox". He has since recruited many Vorox in his pack and continues to be recruiting more even to this day. But as for the Vorox that refuse to follow him, he instantly kills them personally, as he does not accept a Vorox to not follow his legion.

Nacrax is currently wandering the desert of Bara Magna, along with his army of Vorox that follow him.

Abilities & Traits[]

Unlike any ordinary Vorox, he is one of the most powerful Vorox on all of Bara Magna and is considered "Something not of Bara Magna" at times. It has been known that if he spots a Glatorian, he will immediately order his army to attack them and then he'll kill them himself with either his bare claws, blade, or Thornax Launcher.

Nacrax is naturally aggressive. Despite this, he can calm himself at times when he feels like he needs to settle down.


Nacrax carries a Sand Blade and a Thornax Launcher, though he mainly uses his own Large Claws to shred up his victims.


  • Nacrax is scheduled to appear in "Quest of Destinies," as he is scheduled to be one of the first foes that Toa Kylord will confront on Bara Magna.