Custom BIONICLE Wiki

Name: Nabonidus
Abilities: Include warping others without even being at their location.
Weapons: Most likely none.
Affiliation: Lord Void
Likes: Obedience, coffee.
Dislikes: Too many to list.

Nabonidus is a mysterious, highly powerful being that has recently been introduced saving Ravat from Blackout's betrayal. He appears to be a very quiet, softspoken individual, but is apparently dangerous enough that even Ravat knows better than to cross him.

It is unknown what species Nabonidus is, whether his existence is unique, or whether he used to be a normal being. What is known is that he is an enemy of Zev Raregroove and his allies, and is on uneasy terms with Ravat, although the two are willing to work together in such cases as protecting themselves from the wrath of their mutual ruler, the gigantic, enigmatic being known as Lord Void.

He has recently ventured from his group's center of operations at Bralgu to try and turn TMV against Zev, before engaging in a one-sided battle with Raregroove where he was left unscarred while Zev earned a large cut above his eye and was forced to use his Hibernation ability to restore his taxed energy. Nabonidus has now returned to Bralgu, after an apparent summoning by Void.


Nabonidus has no apparent arms and legs, just an incredibly tall, rather thin body wrapped in a gray robe with long tattered edges that form a sort of tail and decorative plate armor of a pitted gray on his shoulders and forms a sort of collar. He has long, pale gray hair that sticks straight back in several spikes, and a smooth, midnight black face with no nose, glowing white eyes and a mouth usually curved into a regal frown.


Remote Teleportation: Nabonidus seems to be able to teleport other beings without even being near them; however, this has only been shown being used on Ravat, and it was only to and from Bralgu, so the ability's exact limitations are unknown.

Energy Constructs: Nabonidus is able to get around his apparent lack of arms by forming a functional set out of mostly-transparent purple energy.

Nightmare Summoning: Nabonidus has the ability to summon large numbers of Nightmares to his current location; however, it is unknown if they find their way to the destination on their own, or whether they are teleported to the desired location.


  • Nabonidus' name will probably be the most difficult to spell correctly so far.