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Nearly nothing is known about Muuli's Matoran or early life, but it was known that he was an Av-matoran who builds canoe for Ga-matoran. His canoes are known for their best quality and high price.

the betraying[]

Muuli turned into a Toa of light some time ago. He betrayed his Toa team for greater power. He killed them in order to gain the information of how to turn into a Toa Nuva and as he was destinied to be one, his Huna turned into the Huna Nuva, and his ambitious grew along with his new gained powers. The Turaga in his village wore a Rode, and discovered his treacherious actions, thus banishing him. Later, Muuli, using his color changing power, made himself black in color, and claimed himself being a Toa of Shadows. Muuli also crafted a few weapons that fire shadow energy bolts, convincing others that he is really a Toa of Shadows.Muuli traveled to an island far south than his original homeland. There, he conquered villages and became a powerful warlord. Toa Mukata Found him and recruited him as a Rogue phantom.

Powers and tools[]

Muuli is an exellent spy as he wore the kanohi Huna Nuva. He plays an important role in the Rogue Phantoms as he keeps the rest of the Rogue Phantoms invisible and remained undetected. He is a talented crafter but rarly shares his creations with his fellow teamates. He carries his best creation as his primary weapon, the spear of fear. He crafted this shortly after he was reqruited by Toa Mukata. The sper itself is incredibly sharp, and can fire devastating blasts of mental fear energy that cause both mental and physical damage. This ability is even stronger than Makuta made Rahkshi staff of fear.Note that his spear of fear is different from Tuurahk STAFF of fear.