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Mutation is an extremely powerful Elemental Power


Mutation is a combination of six Elements: Acid, DNA, Life, Poison, Radiation, and Toxin. Normally, a combination of any six Elements would result in Protodermis. However, these specific six were ones that should never, under any circumstances be combined. Mutation is also an unnatural element, meaning it was man-made.

The Elemental Power of Mutation came when Meltdown, Negatum’s last hope, was blasted by the Eisen-Kriegers’ particle beam. Whenever Meltdown or one of his other mutants mutates someone, they automatically have access to the Elemental Power of Mutation. When mutated, the victim will also have complete control of their previous Element. For example, if a Toa of Fire was mutated by Meltdown or one of his mutants, they would have the powers of both Mutation and Fire.

Whenever one is being mutated, the thing or person who is doing the mutating has to be in contact with the victim. Even a blast of mutagenic energy has to hit the victim.

Species Wielders


  • There are no naturally-occurring Matoran of Mutation. This is because they have to be mutated by Meltdown or one of his mutants in order to have that power. Once they do have that power, they are just as powerful as any Toa.
  • Just as there are no naturally-occurring Matoran of Mutation, there are no naturally-occurring Toa of Mutation either. As previously stated, they have to be mutated by either Meltdown or one of his mutants in order to have Mutation as their power.
  • There are no naturally-occurring Turaga of Mutation. If a Turaga was mutated, they would have Toa-level powers.



  • Creating other mutants. Whenever this happens, they are branded with the trefoil symbol for radiation warning on their chest.
  • Creating or secreting acid.
  • Complete control of DNA.
  • Ability to reshape, reprogram, or even randomize the genetic structure.
  • Creating or secreting poison.
  • Invulnerability to radiation.
  • Fusing multiple creatures into one.
  • Terraforming. (Only Meltdown has access to this power.)
  • Pollution.
  • Unleashing a Mutation Blast.


  • Because Meltdown was the first with the power of Mutation, he has the ability to do things his other mutants cannot do.
  • When the victim is being mutated, what they mutate into is entirely random. Meaning not even the one doing the mutation will know or have any control over what the victim mutates into whatsoever. The only thing for certain is that they keep their species and they will be something beyond the victim’s worst nightmares.
  • The mutants are given names based on their appearance before or after being mutated, what they mutated into, the environment they were mutated in, or what mutated with them.