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Mutated Energy Hounds
Tracking, Great Strength and Speed


Mutated Energy Hounds began to surface when the Order of Mata Nui began to release Energy Hounds into the Pit. After a while in the Pit, some of the Energy Hounds began to change, and gained sentient qualities such as speech and the ability to walk upright, as well as brains with extremely complex decision-making capabilities. This allowed them to make decisions based on higher reasoning, and they began to rebel against their masters by abandoning their duties and attempting to live lives of their own.

The Order discovered this and began to send in operatives to eliminate the creatures. The Hounds grew scared and attempted to fight the Order off, and some left to join different organizations such as the Dark Hunters and the Brotherhood of Makuta, in the case that they might have revenge.

Abilities and Traits[]

All of the Hounds have the same powers as when they were walking on four legs: great agility and the ability to track a being by an energy signature, but their new abilities include advanced thought and enhanced strength. Their skin has also been thickened for extra protection. They whittled powerless spears from old material in the Pit.

Known Hounds[]

  • Elliac