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Mutaka are a race of creatures that were created by a Great Being in an experiment.


While the Great Beings were working on creating a new universe, one had decided to experiment on his own. He created the first Mutaka, Ukozon, and the Kanohi Mask of Amalgam with Ukozon. Ukozon, however, escaped this Great Being's clutches with the mask and put on the Mask of Amalgam later on. He then used it to make more Mutaka and soon there were many Mutaka on a sacred island on Spherus Magna.

Later, many centuries after these events, Antroz found the Mask of Amalgam on the shores of Karda Nui. He presented the mask to Makuta Icarax, who later presented to Teridax. Teridax then used the Mask of Amalgam and turned some his servants into strange creatures. Realizing that he had the Mask of Amalgam, he took it with him to Bara Magna in the Mata Nui robot.

When Teridax had died, the Makuta retrieved the mask of Amalgam and hid again in a hidden fortress. Later, they sent some Rahi to attack the new Ta-Koro, they order them to capture a Toa or a friend of the Toa. The Rahi brought Krivos, Vlakro Nuva's good friend, to the Makuta. The Mask of Amalgam was then used on him and Krivos turned into the first Mutaka in centuries.

Krivos then used the powers of the Mask of Amalgam on Vlakro, turning him into a Mutaka. Krivos then used the Mask of Amalgam to absorb the body and powers of a Skakdi Dark Hunter, becoming a Skakdi himself. However, Krivos was no longer able to wear the Mask of Amalgam because of this.

List of Mutaka[]

Mutaka (Unknown Species)[]

  • Krivos (Formerly, deceased)
  • Ukozon
  • Vlakro (Formerly)

Toa Mutaka[]

  • Vlakro (Formerly)

Matoran Mutaka[]

Rahi Mutaka[]

Skakdi Mutaka[]

  • Krivos (Formerly, deceased)

Makuta Mutaka[]

  • Five unidentified Servants of Makuta (Presumed deceased)
  • Krivos (Formerly, deceased)
  • Sakarix (Not a complete one)


  • Mutaka is an anagram for Makuta. This is strange and ironic since the Makuta were the first species to use the Mask of Amalgam after Ukozon. However, this anagram was found after the name Mutaka was created.