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Status Functioning
User(s) Xeal
Functionality Storing, sorting, transmitting, and collecting data. Operating electronic devices.
Mulucab is Xeal's weapon and Badge of Office.


Sometime after Xeal and his team left Spherus Magna, Xeal and a collage of his built the staff out of compact supercomputers as a means of storing data. Over time, the two would add more functions and mechanisms to the device. Xeal still holds this staff in his possession.


The staff's primary function is storing, sorting, and collecting information. The staff has some offensive mechanisms, however. It can fire a number of different energy blasts; from paralysis beams, to lasers, to statis fields, even flash bangs.

When Xeal is not using it, the Mulucab can enter into an automated route. It can levitate when he's around and manage his laboratory for him, as well as running security systems. The device also has numerous scanners built into it.

While the staff was primarily created to store data, it can also transmit it to other sources. It has various means of transmitting data, such as radio waves or firing lasers into into certain devices. It is even capable of sending data into the minds of beings with organic material. How it accomplishes this is currently unknown, however. Perhaps it does this by firing electrons or lasers containing the data through the eyes and directly into the brain?

Known Users


  • The staff's name is "baculum" spelt backwards. The word in turn is Latin for "staff" or "scepter".