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Multi-Terrain Armed Vehicle
User(s) Iarn Military
Functionality War machine
Status Functional

The MT-AVs , or the Multi-Terrain Armed Vehicles are battle tanks used by the Iarn Military.


When Vashkov began terrorizing the island of Irania Nui, Turaga Lome asked a private manufacturer to create a series of tanks that could counterattack anything Vashkov would throw at the military.

Designed in only three days, the MT-AVs went into production immediately. The first ten were instantly snatched up by Kantor and his squad of elite Matoran soldiers, who began preparing them for a "final confrontation" with an army that Vashkov was supposedly creating.

Battle Against the Lupiforms[]

Just before they set out to battle Vashkov, an army of the wolflike Lupiform creatures sprung from areas around Iarn Nui and proceeded to murder an entire convoy of Matoran in Rapidera T20s. Kantor took his squad to destroy the oncoming army.

Known User(s)[]

  • Iarn Military
    • Kantor