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"I can never describe it to you. All I can tell is, that it's the most beautiful, breathtaking thing that any living being with a soul can see and experience."
Mountain of Life
Primary Residents Unknown, if any
Location Center of Dromii
Status Intact

The Mountain of Life is a tall and a mysterious island located right at the center of Dromii. It's considered a sacred place by the First Matoran that they respect. It is profibited from them to climb the mountain too high, although the lower parts of the mountain are a popular place to spend freetime. The slopes of the mountain are very beautiful with lots of life and vegetation. The higher parts are more plain and harsh looking. The mountain is very high, taking days for an average Matoran to get to the top.

Matoran Hangi climbed the mountain long ago, because of a vision sent to him by Mata Nui (Being). Hangi got to the top and confronted Mata Nui there. He returned as a Toa. He has never told excactly what is on the top of the island. He has only told that it's the most beautiful thing a being can see.


  • The Mountain is considered as the source of all life, not only by the First Matoran, but also by many carvings and dialects in the Matoran Universe, telling about "a mountain where life came from". One of these kinds of carvings interests Protodermis Matoran very much.
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