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Red Star

Morvak was a veteran Toa of Air, and the former defender of Lesovikk's homeland.


Morvak was once originally a Le-Matoran, and was eventually transformed into a Toa.

One of the first Toa of Air in existence, Morvak was a rookie Toa around the time the Xevthian Empire began its conquests of the universe. Against the advice of his friends, Morvak traveled to the Saursapien homeland of Archosa to aid in the resistance against the Empire, though they eventually fell before its banner.

Fleeing into the wilderness, Morvak attacked any wandering Xevthian/Zarak patrols he came across, eagerly followed by a Matoran of Plasma named Ronkoz, who wished to help him much to Morvak's annoyance. After dealing with squad of Zarak, Morvak tried to sway Ronkoz to turn back, though failed, and the pair instead began planning to travel to Versuva to give aid to its people before the Empire got there first.

After the Empire collapsed, Morvak eventually became the lone Toa guardian of Lesovikk's home island. He also acted as Lesovikk's mentor, and taught the Le-Matoran every thing he knew (the reason behind this is because Morvak secretly knew it was Lesovikk's destiny to become a Toa).

Sadly, however, Morvak was wounded in a battle with an insane Makuta known as Shadow. He managed to defeat him, but knew someone would have to take his place. So, he past is Toa power on to Lesovikk, Nikila, and a few other Matoran. Soon after this Morvak died.

After his death, Morvak was revived in the Red Star, as a part of the Star's purpose to bring the deceased back to life and return them to the Matoran Universe. However, the Red Star had malfunctioned, and Morvak was trapped in the Star along with other revived beings.

Abilities and Traits[]

Unlike some later Toa of Air (particularly Lewa and Matau), Morvak was usually cautious and alert. He also knew to never underestimate an opponent.

As a Toa of Air Morvak could create, control, and absorb air. He could also create powerful cyclones and wind storms.

Mask and Tools[]

Morvak wore the Kanohi Mask of Focus. This mask allows its wearer to concentrate even in the most extreme and stressful of moments

Morvak's main Toa Tool was a large double bladed sword that could not only focus his wind power, but also allowed it's owner to ride it like a surfboard in the air. He also had two back-up swords attached to his back.