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Powers Enhanced Speed, Strength, Agility; Silence; Shoot/Create Shadow
Location Red Star
Leader A unknown Great Being
Status Currently allies with Brotherhood of Makuta

The Morex are a species specfically created for being spies and theives.


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Abilities and Traits[]

The Morex powers include enhanced agility, enhanced speed, enhanced strength, disable someone's ability to speak or hear temporarily, create/shoot shadow, and invisiblity.

Morex do not speak much. They can be clever, intelligent, and calm at times of stress or in sticky situations.

Known Morex[]

  • Nith
Stern Leute
Zilax  • Pek  • Hylix  • Gywlak  • Twina  • Mila  • Vela  • Velad  • Kalu  • Morex  • Lomik  • Ealth  • Haleet  • Mraki