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Modok Matoran
Wooden sword
Order of Mata Nui, Protectors of Frolay
Disk launcher e double-bladed shield
Frolay Island

Early Life[]

Mordok was a Ta-Matoran on Ta-Metru who was considered the hero of the city.

He wore the Kanohi Ryin, mask of teleportation.

Attack on Ta-Metru[]

Mordok was living his life peacefully when suddenly Nuhrii came runnig saying that the city was being attacked. He discovered that the city was being attacked by a Clone of Teridax. While the Toa did not arrive, he faced the situation bravely. Mordok realized that the clone had a weak point, and with a sharp blow defeated him.

He was considered the hero of Ta-Metru.

Quest for the Frolay Island[]

After the victory over the Clone of Teridax, Mordok became a Toa and started wearing the Kanohi Waho, mask of weather control.

A while later, he discovered a legend about an island where golden Kanohi were made, and so began his quest ...

The Cave of Dreams / Nightmares[]

After a long journey, Mordok finally arrived onFrolay Island, and there he met a very strangeRahi, calledMidgard Serpent. Midgard was able to speak and was also the guardian of the island. Mordok asked him where was the golden version of his mask, and he replied that first he would need to pass through the Cave of Dreams / Nightmares.

The cave was very strange and seemed to be very dangerous, but Mordok entered without fear. Nobody knows what happened inside there, but when he returned he was carrying in his hands an object with a dazzling golden light.

The Attack of Teridax[]

Mordok finally got his golden mask, but his problems had not finished. Teridax sent an army of clones and Rahkshi to take the island, but the Midgard Serpent and Mordok, with his new mask, managed to defeat the dreaded army, and a new organization was formed...

Creation of the PoF (Protectors of Frolay)[]

After the battle against Teridax's army, Midgard had a vision that another army was being sent to take over the island. Mordok then sent a message to Metru Nui to help combat the new army. He decided to stay on the island to help in the fight, but for this they needed a name: Protectors of Frolay.

Abilities and Traits[]

Mordok is a Toa of the fire element, but he never uses his abilities over it. He can control and change the weather thanks to his kanohi, the golden Waho.

His double-bladed shield can be separeated into two blades.