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Full Moon
Prefix Va

Moonlight was an elemental power. It is known to be strong against light and vice versa, but it is also able to be combined with light.


  • Creating moonlight or concentrated beams of moonlight
  • Changing light into moonlight or sun into moon.
  • Absorbing moonlight, let moonlight shine out of the body.
  • Unleashing a Moonlight Nova Blast
  • Making itself invisible in moonlight.


  • By combining moonlight with normal light, it will come together in a blast of hot, orange energy, also referred as Dusk Energy.


  • All Va-Matoran (Inaccessable)
  • All Toa of Moonlight.
  • Nightwish
  • All Turaga of Moonlight (Limited)
  • All beings of twilight
    • Takutanuva (Limited)
    • Takanuva (Limited, Formerly)


  • Beings of twilight are able to use a Dusk Energy attack, but they would never use this, since it costs very much energy, and also damages the user.
  • Almost all beings of moonlight are female, but a few males are known to exist.