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"I like these mountains! You can live here in peace but killing is also an option since there is wildlife here! I love it!"
Montan Mountains
Snow mountains
Primary Residents Some ice Rahi
Location Bio-Land, North
Status In good shape

Montan Mountains on map

Montan Mountains are a snowy mountain range north from Kohonga Forest. It's peaceful there, only a couple of species of Rahi live on it's cold and high peeks.

These mountains were Thok's favourite place during the Piraka Attack and he spent a lot of time there, on his own. Thok also escaped to these mountains after the defeat of the Piraka in the final battle on Henkka Island. He has since been captured from there by the of Mata Nui Order of Mata Nui.

Thok's Hut[]

Thok built a hut on the Montan Mountains during his time there. It was a hut slightly bigger than a Matoran Hut and had a bed, a shelf and a window, along with a door, of course. The hut was abandoned when Thok was captured and currently a Rahi has invaded it, using it as it's nest.


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