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Monster Army is not an official name.

It may have been referenced in the storyline as such, but has not been officially named. Alternatively, it may be a name popular among fans or the majority of editors on Custom Bionicle Wiki, but without an official basis.

The Shadowed One
"Never underestimate your foe. But I don't think you will ever have that problem with this army."
Biokau to Matoran Hordika
Monster Army

The Monster Army is a huge army made of large titans, each having his/her unique skills and powers.


The Monster Army was founded by a titan who wanted an army to help him in conquering the world. He got a bunch of titans in it and they first built an island base inside a huge cave. After that, more monsters started to join the army and it revealed it's existence to the world, starting to conquer islands.

One of the earliest deeds of the army was the stealing of the Symbol of Mata Nui from an unknown location.

Even though successful, the army once lost their attempt to conquer Bio-Land to its protectors, Matoran Hordika's Army. But while retreating, the Monster Army's leader mutated the leader of the other army, Matoran Hordika into a strange clawed creature.

Despite the obvious fall in morale after being beaten by a group of Matoran, the army continued making attacks on other lands, with varying success. Most of them were far away from Bio-Land and were never heard of by its inhabitants.

The Holy Toa have recently begun a journey to the Monster Army's Base in an attempt to retrieve the Symbol of Mata Nui.

Known Members[]


  • The Monster Army has never attacked Tapio's Original Homeland before, but will do it someday, if possible.
  • One of Henkka's Tasks is to defeat the Monster Army and it's leader for once and for all.
  • Rordika was once a part of the Monster Army but quit because of their ways, which he disliked. The Leader of the Monster Army made him an enemy of the organization.
Monster Army
Past/Deceased Members
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