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Mask of Time Duplication
Summoning past versions of the bearer
Component Kanoka

The Kanohi Mohtrek was the Mask of Time Duplication.

This mask can give the power to summon one or more past versions of themselves to the present. If any of the past selves were killed, the user would cease to exist, and an alternate timeline where the user died would be created. When the past versions were sent back to their time, their memories of the future were erased.


The blueprints for the Mohtrek were initially designed by the Great Beings in the early days of the Great Spirit Robot's construction. While many Kanohi were created and added into the Matoran Universe, the Mohtrek did not receive such treatment. While the theories behind its powers were sound in nature, the Great Beings didn't want to test them until after completion of the giant mechanoid. The likely reason could be that they feared paradoxes affecting the robot's construction (or worse; spreading into Spherus Magna and disrupting time itself). As such, the schematics and formula for it were left within the construct for the natives to claim once the robot left Spherus Magna.

The first wave of Kanohi Mohtrek would not be created until some time after the Awakening. At this point in time, the Mohtrek bore no elemental affiliation and efforts to craft the mask proved highly volatile. Due to the potential to damage the timestream with its powers, Toa generally steered clear of the mask. While the Matoran were quick to deem it immoral, other races- most notably the Makuta- did not share the same notions.

Over the 100,000 year span of the Matoran Universe's functionality, the Motrek became an uncommon Kanohi, proving more popular among members of the Makuta species. When Dume became the Turaga of Metru Nui, he banned the Mohtrek and other immoral Kanohi from being manufactured in the city. These laws would later be lifted nearly 16,000 years later, when Makuta Teridax captured and impersonated him. Hoping to find a Matoran capable of forging the Kanohi Vahi-Legendary mask of Time- Teridax kept a particular eye on Mohtrek production.

Unfettered by the restraints of the Matoran conscience, Makuta Bitil was known to have worn a Great Mohtrek as his signature Kanohi. He would develop mixed feelings towards it, however, due to its tendencies to wipe the user's memories of being summoned by their future counterparts (and leaving behind injuries with little-to-no apparent explanation).

Known Bearers[]


Picture Form
No Image The standard version of a Great Mohtrek.
Unknown-118 A great Mohtrek in Brotherhood form, worn by Makuta Bitil. 3D model designed by KhingK3D.