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Primary ResidentsMatoran, Lezahks, Zarcxons, Toa, Turaga, Vagna
Former ResidentsA group of Vagna, Geonxx
LocationSomewhere in the golden ocean
Size3 Mio wide, 2 mio long
MakutaUnknown Makuta

Mogako is a large Continent on the planet where the Rogue Phantoms are from. It is known that the island of Sylam originally broke off from it. It is home to many branches of Po-Matoran and De-Matoran, and is known to be the least explored continent on the Planet.


  • Ta-Matoran - 10%
  • Ga-Matoran - 7%
  • Le-Matoran - 8%
  • Po-Matoran - 30%
  • Onu-Matoran - 2%
  • Fe-Matoran - 1%
  • De-Matoran - 25%
  • Matoran of lightning - 5%
  • Matoran of Manetism - 0%
  • Matoran of Gravity - 5%
  • Matoran of Plantlife - 3%
  • Matoran of Plasma - 4%

Life on Mogako[]

Most of the Population is Rahi herder or farmers. Due to the warm climate, madu fruits are the main crop harvested. The wild life is rather safe, as most predatory Rahi species are captured by the local Matoran. Rainfall is dense, and are often showers. The continent rests many lush jungles, mostly rainforests. After Sylam broke off from it, some water source were cut off along, so the area to the west had become a lifeless desert where only the toughest Rahi could survive and the toughest Toa could enter.

Sports and entertainment[]

The Matoran and other sapient race on Mogako shares the same land, but have very different cultures. Here is a list of common sports and entertainment seen on the Continent:


  • Disk hurling
  • Mukau racing
  • Diving(to retrieve a specific item, etc : a kolhii staff)
  • Kolhii
  • Dikapi tagging
  • Koli
  • Archives Mole-tracking

Other species[]

  • Rahi Hunting
  • Tunnling
  • Dueling
  • Arena Battle
  • Wrestling

Illegal sports[]

There are also a number of Illegal sports, mostly involving the chutes in cities among the continent.

Matoran sports[]

  • Chute fighting
  • Chute surfing
  • Blind disk(hurling disk randomly with a blindfold)
  • Matoran Rahi hunting(mostly herbiviors)
  • Shell collecting(on the sea bed)
  • Desert exploring

Other species[]

  • Lava surf


The continent is filled with high mountains, some of them are even covered with snow due to exposure to the low temperatures. A few notable spots is listed below:

Natural views[]

  • Kohkogi Mountains - latitude:6000 metres
  • Lake Nagaia - Width:600 bio(s)
  • Thuisia river - 700 bio(s) long

Sign of civillization[]

  • Tower of hope
  • Fountain of thoughts
  • The history museum(records every bit of historical events and objects on the continent)