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Miu Nui[]

Miu Nui is (or was) a continent on (or under) the surface. In fact it was three continents stacked in one on top of another, connected by a series of tunnels and caverns. In catostrophic events the population of the island moved through the tunnels upward.

Miu Nui 1[]

Miu Nui 1 was the lowest of the three continents. It was 47 Kio long by 23 Kio wide. It greatly resembled Metru Nui. It was destroyed by the eruption of Mt. Ventras, a volcano hidden under the center of the island.

Miu Nui 2[]

Miu Nui 2 was sandwiched between Miu Nui 1 and Miu Nui 3. It was 360 Kio long by 178 kio wide. It was destroyed by an infestation of [htp:// Bohrok].

Miu Nui 3/ Miu Nui[]

Miu Nui 3 ( also known as Miu Nui) is the highest of the three continents. It is 5 Krio long by 6.5 Krio wide. One of its famous residents is Kohu

Miu Nui Populants[]

Miu Nui is populated with many strange (and familiar) figures. These include matoran and Rahi.


  • Ta-Matoran Ko-Matoran Le-Matoran
  • Ga-Matoran Po-Matoran Onu-Matoran
  • Assorted Rahi Toa Turaga
  • Organic Rahi ArtiRahi Matoran of Light

Miu Nui Sports and Entertainment[]

Miu Nui has many sports. These include ordinary sports such as kohlii and akilini. Less well known sports include Dolohlii (which is similar to kohlii) and Chute Riding, a very dangerous sport. Helos Arena is the main arena for the island, but these sports could also take place in the island's 24 coliseums.

Psychical Description[]

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Miu Nui's Main Island, Miu Nui

  1. Twin Bay District
  2. Royal Isle District
  3. Berg Peninsula District
  4. Gala Point District
  5. Ledraz Point District
  6. South Tip Disrict
  7. Marsh Coast District
  8. Ice Coast District
  9. Foundry Coast District
  10. Devynhock District
  11. Miu Nui Suburbs
  12. Miu City
  13. Onu Desert
  14. Knowledge District