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Mistika Gas Canister
Contain and eject various gaseous substances
In use
Varying; carried by Keelara
miss-stick-uh gas cah-nis-ter

Mistika Gas Canisters are sleek protosteel canisters designed, built, and used by the rogue female Makuta, Keelara, for the purpose of containing various gaseous substances.


The standard version of the canisters is built out of modified protosteel, making them extremely resistant to physical damage. When closed and locked, the canisters are completely air-tight, allowing them to float in water.

The gases within the canister are released by pressing a small button located on the center of the lid. When this button is pressed, the ejection mechanism begins a three-second countdown, after which the canister's vents open, and a powerful suction fan built into the lid activates, forcibly ejecting the contents into the surrounding air.


Sometime shortly after Keelara's resignation from the Brotherhood of Makuta, she designed a small, portable canister to contain substances. This was the earliest forerunner of the Mistika Gas Canisters.

Keelara recognized the potential of the canisters she had created, and created several more, these built of protosteel and equipped with mechanisms that allowed them to eject their contents at the press of a button. This was not, however, the final version of the Mistika Gas Canister.

Years later, Keelara used new technology to upgrade the canisters, making them lighter, stronger, and giving them even more ejecting power. She also designed a special code-lock security feature, and used this on canisters with valuable or exceptionally deadly contents. This final version was dubbed the 'Mistika Gas Canister', and has become one of Keelara's most favored weapons.

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