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"I know I won't fight, but I know someone in the Order of Mata Nui who could help. We're heading to Voya Nui."
Tockar, Birth of the Rebellion
Mission to Voya Nui
Conflict None
Date N/A
Location Voya Nui
Outcome Nelag victory, Mazeka rescued
  • Order of Mata Nui
  • Toa Nelag
  • Voya Nui Resistance
  • Makuta Empire
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  • Toa Nelag
  • Mazeka
  • Makuta Mutran
  • 1 Toa of Shadow
  • 1 Toa of Light
  • Matoran
    • Mazeka
  • Skakdi
  • 1 Swamp Strider
  • 1 Makuta
  • Rahkshi
  • At least 5 Shadow Matoran
  • Mutran's Advanced Exo-Suit
  • Light
  • Moderate
  • Mutran's Advanced Exo-Suit
Previous Mission to Stelt
Next Second Mission to Visorak

The Mission to Voya Nui was a mission in the Makuta Empire Alternate Universe


Nelag/Order of Mata Nui/Voya Nui Resistance[]

  • Find Tockar's Order of Mata Nui contact
  • Fend the Makuta off the island

Makuta Empire[]

  • Fend off the resistance
  • Keep Mazeka imprisoned


Toa Nelag was informed of an Order of Mata Nui contact on Voya Nui. Upon landing on the island, he was attacked by a bunch of Rahkshi and Shadow Matoran, who were fended off by some Matoran and Skakdi resistance, who left as soon as they arrived.

After some venturing, he found a Makuta base commanded by Makuta Mutran. He chased the Makuta until he found him, in a gigantic modified Exo-Toa suit, modified with cannons all over the place. It look Nelag some time and strain, but he finally used Mazeka's captured Swamp Strider to blast the suit and Mutran.

He eventually found Mazeka, who later left in his Swamp Strider.


Tockar then told Nelag that Mazeka was one of the allies with his contact; Toa Helryx, the leader of the Order, who was being captured on Visorak.