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Mission to Stelt
Conflict None
Place Stelt
Result Makuta defeat
  • Makuta Empire
  • Stelt
  • An Exo-Makuta
  • A Steltian commander
  • 2 Toa
  • 1 Exo-Makuta
  • 2 Mutant Manas Crabs
  • Bruisers
  • Customers
  • None
  • All forces
  • Several bruisers

The Mission to Stelt was a mission in the Makuta Empire Alternate Universe



  • Find Toa Tockar and get him to join the rebellion

Makuta Empire[]

  • Defeat Toa Nelag


  • Defeat the Exo-Makuta


After the original plan to overthrow the Emperor failed, Makuta Vakumi proposed a new plan: Toa Nelag was to gather a group of rebels and dissidents who will fight the Empire. Nelag started looking for Tockar, who survived the Siege of Artidax. After finding that Tockar was no longer on Artidax, he started looking for him, starting with Stelt.

Nelag picked a fight with many of the customers of the hut, before finding Tockar, who was still blinded from their previous encounter. Nelag tried to convince him to join the rebellion, but the two were attacked by an Exo-Makuta with two Mutant Manas Crabs.

Stelt's local security forces attempted to stop the Makuta for disturbing the peace. Many of the hut's customers also started to join the fight and the Exo-Makuta was destroyed by Toa Tockar.

The Manas Crabs were also destroyed by the Bruisers.


After the conflict, Tockar informed him of an Order of Mata Nui contact who might be willing to join the rebellion.